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London; GREAT BRITAIN; Oxford University Trial Eights for crew selection for 157th Boat Race [April 2011]  raced over the Championship Course Putney to Mortlake  on the River Thames. Wednesday  - 08/12/2010   [Mandatory Credit; "Photo, Peter Spurrier/Intersport-images].Crews.OUBC Nature; Surrey Station.Bow, Charlie AUER, 2. Tom WATSON, 3. Dan HARVEY, 4. David WHIFFIN, 5, Karl HUDSPITH, 6. Moritz HAFNER, 7. Ben MYERS, stroke. Constantine LOULOUDIS and cox Zoe DeTOLEDO...OUBC Nurture Middx Station [White Tops].Bow, George BLESSLEY, 2. Matt POINTING, 3. Alex WOODS, 4. Alex DENT, 5. Ben ELLISON,6. Simon HISLOP, 7. George WHITTAKER, Stroke Ben SNODIN and Cox Hannah LEADBETTER..