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London, GREAT BRITAIN, Oxford closest and Cambridge race along Dukes Meadows as the crews approach Barnes Bridge, during the 2007 Boat Race between Putney to Mortlake, on  Sat. April 7th. England [Photo Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images].CAMBRIDGE BLUE BOAT, bow, Kristopher McDaniel, Dan O?Shaughnessy, Peter Champion, Jacob (Jake) Cornelius, Tom James [President], Kieran West, Sebastian Schulte, Thorsten Engelmann, cox, Rebecca Dowbiggin..OXFORD BLUE BOAT. Bow, Robin Ejsmond-Frey President, Adam Kosmicki, Michal Plotkowiak, Magnus Fleming, Andrew Wright, ], William?Brodie? Buckland, Terence Kooyker, stroke, Ante Kusurin, Cox, Nicholas Brodie Varsity Boat Race, Rowing Course: River Thames, Championship course, Putney to Mortlake 4.25 Miles,