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Putney, GREAT BRITAIN,   Bull, exhausted after the 41/4 mile trial race,  the 2008 Varsity/Oxford University [OUBC] Trial Eights, raced over the championship course. Putney to Mortlake, on the River Thames. Thurs. 11.08.2008 [Mandatory Credit, Peter Spurrier/Intersport-images].Crews - .Bull, Bow. Colin KEOGH, 2. Douglas BRUCE, 3.Michal PLOTOWIAK, 4. David HOPPER, 5. Aaron MARCOVY, 6. Ben HARRISON, 7. Sjoerd HAMBURGER, Stroke Colin SMITH and Cox Philip CLAUSEN-THUE... Varsity Boat Race, Rowing Course: River Thames, Championship course, Putney to Mortlake 4.25 Miles,