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London, United kingdom.  Both Crews forming the X, for the publicity picture, before 2011 University Boat Race, Weigh-in at London's City Hall, home/office of the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority, situated on the South Bank of the River Thames.   07/03/2011 [Mandatory Credit;Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images]..Crews ..CUBC. Bow Mike Thorp, 2 Joel Jennings, 3 Dan- Rix Standing, 4 Hardy Cubasch, 5 George Nash, 6 Geoff Roth, 7 Derek Rasmussen, Stroke David Nelson and Cox Liz Box. ..OUBC. Bow Moritz Hafner, 2 Ben Myers, 3 Alec Dent, 4 Ben Ellison, 5 Karl Hudspith, 6 Constantine Louloudis,  7 George Whittaker, Stroke Simon Hislop  and Cox Sam Winter-Levy..