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Putney. GREAT BRITAIN,  during the pre boat race fixture, Cambridge University  vs Molesey Boat Club, Eight   raced over the Boat Race Course, on the River Thames, London, on Fri.  23.03.2007,  [Photo Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images] .Crew: CUBC bow, Kip McDANIEL, Dan O'SHAUGHNESSY, Peter CHAMPION,.Jacob (Jake) CORNELIUS, Tom JAMES (President), Kieran WEST, Sebastian  SCHULTE, Stroke, Thorsten  ENGLEMANN, cox. Russell GLENN. ..Molesey Boat Club. .Bow. Simon FIELDHOUSE, 2. Mike BLOMQUIST, 3. Mohamed SHIBI, 4. Pete MARSTAND,  5. Jonno DEVLIN, 6. Hugo LEE, 7. Tom LUCY and stroke Andy TWIGGS HODGE, cox, Acer NETHERCOTT , Rowing Course: River Thames, Championship course, Putney to Mortlake 4.25 Miles, , Varsity Boat Race